My name is Marilyn.  This site discloses some of the genealogical research I have done on my father’s side and my mother’s side of the family.  My father’s side is mostly in the state of Virginia, as he was born in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Some of the surnames in this line besides Lyons (Lyon) and Swanson include James, Ashlin, Cloud, Dudley, Burks, Burch, Phillips and many more.  My mother’s side includes surnames such as Knihtila, Tusa, Luhtala  and more, mostly Finnish ancestors.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions about any blogs or ancestry.   I welcome any questions or comments.

I do not sell anything nor do I make money with this blog in any way.  Nor do I accept advertising or sponsor give-aways.  I do not collect or store reader information from comments.  However, readers who contact me about shared ancestors usually email me and then I have their contact information.  I do not write about the living except for an occasional reference to my immediate family and cousins who are not named or personally identifiable.