A Memorial Day Parade of Ancestors


Our prompt this special week is “Military”.  I first tried to choose an ancestor who served our country but couldn’t choose just one without slighting others who served!  I decided this week to name the ancestors I discovered throughout the last few years who served in various wars.  By naming them, I feel I can honor their memory and acknowledge their service and sacrifices.  That is what Memorial Day is really about.   I realize that I am missing many ancestors who I have not yet found but hope to add them to the list as they are discovered.  We always had a big Memorial Day Parade in the little town where I grew up and I do miss the parades.  Without further ado, here is my “Parade of Military Ancestors.”


Col. James Lyon, Pvt, Capt. Robert Wade’s Company, Washington County, VA, 1758

Col. Nicholas Perkins,  Halifax County, VA Militia

Capt. John T “The Ranger” Taliaferro, (7th Great-Grandfather)



Col.  James Lyon, (5th Great-Grandfather) commissioned Lt. Col of Henry county VA Militia, fought in the Battle of Guilford Court House.  Listed as “distinguished officer of the Revolutionary War and trusted conferee of George Washington.”

Lt. Stephen Lyon, ( Son of Col. James Lyon, 5th Great-Uncle) First Lt. in Henry County, VA Militia; fought in the Battle of Guilford Court House under the command of his father, Lt. Col. James Lyon.

John James, (5th Great-grandfather),  Muster roll May 18, 1777: Capt. William Croghan’s Co. of the 8th Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Abraham Bowman

William James (Son of above John James, 4th Great-Uncle), Pvt in Capt. John Camp’s unit of Virginia Militia under Col. John Peyloks.  Enlisted at age 16, in 1781, went to sea and captured by British, kept in confinement  in West Indies until 1782.

James Spencer James (Son of above John James, 4th Great-grandfather), served in Capt. William Love’s Militia in Montgomery County (now Smyth Co.), VA, 1781.

Catlett Spencer James,  (Son of Samuel James, 4th Great-Uncle) Pvt. in the First and Tenth Regiments of Virginia: Capt. John Willis’s Co; Col. Alexander Spotswood, Sullivan’s Life Guard; Capt. Richard Taylors Co.; Col. Daniel Morgan and Capt. Gabriel Long’s detached Co. of Riflemen; Capt. Callohill Minnis’  Co.

William James ( son of Sherrod James, 5th Great-Uncle), Pvt in Capt. William Love’s Co., Col. Cloyds’ Regiment.

Samuel James, Served as a drummer in the 4th Virginia regiment in Capt. Walls Co. Listed on “Deceased Officers and Soldiers of the 4th Virginia Regiment”

Joseph Cloud Jr., (4th Great-Grandfather, son of Joseph Cloud Sr. and Nancy Moore), Pvt with John Fields “The Cherokee Expedition” Regiment of Lt. Col. Joseph Williams and  Capt. William Dobson.  They joined the Virginia troops of Col. William Christian at the Long Island of the Holston River and proceeded to the Indian Nation.  He was appointed Capt. in 1778 or 1779.

William Cloud  (younger brother of Joseph Cloud Jr and 4th Great-Uncle). Pvt and Lieutenant in the Virginia Militia under Capt James Lyon and was in the “Cherokee Expedition” for 4 months.  Also served under Capt. John Allen and Capt. Eliphaz Shelton.

Benjamin Taliaferro (Taliaferro lineage). Second Lt. in 6th Virginia Regiment; Was Lt in rifle corps commanded by General Daniel Morgan, promoted to Capt.;  captured by the British at Charleston; served in the Battle of Princeton.

Thomas Porter Jr. (married Lucy Baker Ashlin, widow of Christopher Ashlin) Pvt in Capt. Wm Taylor’s 2nd Virginia Regiment; Cpl. in Same regiment and Capt. Francis Taylor’s Co and Capt. James Upshaw’s Co, 2nd VA Regiment.

William Porter (brother to Thomas Porter Jr.) Taylor’s Company, 2nd Virginia Regiment under Christian Ferbiger in 1778.

Charles Dudley (5th Great-Grandfather, son of Thomas Dudley and Hannah Keeling)

Lt. Humberson Lyon Jr. (5th Great-Uncle), Killed in the Battle of Kings Mountain at age 19-20.

Philip Taliaferro, Capt. in the 1st Regiment of the Virginia State Line.

James Davis (5th Great-Grandfather)  3rd Lt. of Marines and Officer in Capt. Wallace’s Co. in the 3rd Virginia Continental Regiment.  Promoted to Capt.

Sherrod or Sherwood James (5th Great-Grandfather), Pvt in the New York Continental Troops.

William Taliaferro, Capt., Virginia Service 2nd Regiment.

Thomas Catlett, Ensign, 2nd Regiment, Virginia.

Robert Dudley, First Lieutenant, 5th Regiment, Virginia.

Stephen I. K. Smith, Orange County Militia served under Col. James Madison (father of President James Madison).

Charles Smith, 6th Regiment of South Carolina, 1779-1780.

WAR OF 1812

War 1812 001

Wiley James (grandson of Sherrod James and Nancy Walker), Pvt. in Capt. Lynn West’s Co., 1st Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers.

William Lewis Anderson (Taliaferro Lineage). Capt. John Coles Co of the VA Militia; 1st Sgt. in Capt. Key’s Co. VA Militia.

Capt. Benjamin Phillips (3rd Great-Grandfather), Virginia Militia.

Simeon Burch (3rd Great-Uncle), Pvt. in Capt. Cornelius Sale’s Co., VA Militia.

Jonathan Burch, Pvt. Capt. McMahon’s Co, New York Militia.

Robert Dudley Foster, (Taliaferro Lineage)  Pvt. in Capt. Smith’s Co., VA Militia

John Conway, Pvt. in Capt. Hoomes’ Co, VA Militia.

Isaac Cloud, Pvt. 4th Regiment VA Militia; 1st Sgt. in Bunch’s Regiment, mounted East Tennessee Volunteers.

CIVIL WAR 1861-1865 (Confederacy)

civil war 001

Joseph Cloud Lyons (2nd Great-Grandfather), CSA,  Cpl., Co. C, 86 Virginia Militia; 198th Regiment VA Militia; Also, 166th, 188th, and 190th  VA Militias; Promoted to 2nd Lt.

John A B Swanson (2nd Great-Grandfather), CSA, Pvt. 2nd Col. C, 10th Virginia Infantry; 10th Regiment, VA Infantry Co. C and 2nd Co. C; Co. B Marion County Battalion

William Porter James, (1st cousin 3X removed), CSA, Sgt.,  Co. A, 8th Virginia Cavalry. Was in Prisoner of War Camp.

William Swanson, CSA, Pvt. Co. H of A Militia, Listed as missing.

Edmond Pendleton Lyon, CSA, (3rd Great-Uncle), Pvt. in Douthat’s Co., VA Light Artillery (Botetourt Artillery).

James L Lyon, CSA, (3rd Great-Uncle), Pvt. 63rd Regiment VA Infantry (McMahon’s); 3rd Regiment North Carolina Artillery Co. G; Cpl. North Carolina, 13th Battalion and N. C. Light Artillery Co. E.

Col. Waddy Thompson James, CSA, (1st cousin, 4X removed), Lt. Col., 57th Virginia Infantry, Co. B, Franklin Sharpshooters,  wounded in Battle of Malvern Hill, 1862.

George A. W. Lyon, CSA,  (3rd Great-Uncle), 4th Infantry VA Militia

Ransome Dudley, CSA, Pvt. 4th Regiment VA Infantry; Enlisted 1861 as 3rd Cpl. ; elected Sgt.; elected 2nd Lt, Hale’s Ford Franklin Guard.; wounded at Gaines Mill in 1862, fractured left arm..

Dr. Ezekial Martin James, CSA (Great Uncle, 2x removed), Assistant surgeon in 4th Regiment, VA Infantry.

German Baker Ashlin, (3rd Great-Uncle), CSA, Co. A 8th VA Cavalry, wounded at Woodstock, VA.


WW I 001

Richard Hendrickson (Great-Uncle), Pvt. US Army Infantry, 360 Infantry 90 Div., Co. H.

Lewis Evert Ashlin, (Cousin), Gassed during the war and suffered rest of life.  Died in 1946 of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Hayes, North Carolina.


WW II 001

LaFon Camlyn Lyons (Father), S-Sgt U. S. Army, Tec 3 CAC Battery B, 701st AAA Gun Battalion. 1941-1945.

Charles Daniel Pawlak (Father-in-law), Cpl. 2nd Battalion Headquarters Co., 3rd Armored Division ETO.; 36th Armored Infantry Regiment. 1941-1945.

Arthur Richard Knihtila (Uncle), 3rd Armored Division, ETO; Military Police 677. 1942-1945.

Henry G. Tusa, (Cousin), Hq Btry 582 and AAA A.W. Battalion, U. S. Army. 1943-44..

William T. Lyon, (cousin, son of great uncle), Enlisted 1942, U. S. Army, Pvt. Warrant Officers.

Joseph J Lubinsky,  U. S. Army Air Corps, enlisted 1942.

Francis Edward Lubinsky, U. S. Navy, Ships: USS Arthur L Bristol and USS Daniel, 1945.

Edmund J Lubinsky, U. S. Army Air Corps. , enlisted 1943.

Roland S Gilley, (cousin to father), U. S. Navy: Ships, USS Vulcan., enlisted 1940.

Nicholas Homick, Pvt. U. S. Army, Medical Administrative Corps., Air Corps, Regular Army.

Charlie Ross Ashlin, (cousin), enlisted 1942, Abingdon VA, U. S. Army.

Bert C. Ashlin, (cousin), enlisted 1942, Camp Lee, VA, U. S. Army.


A big THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU to all who served.














2 thoughts on “A Memorial Day Parade of Ancestors

  1. I am a grand daughter of Col. James Lyon Just started researching my ancestors. My dad’s family were from carter Tenn. I saw my grand father Elbert Lyons right before he died. My dad served in the Navy and was in France, Military police. He also was a QM. His name was Clinton E. Lyons from Elizabethan Tenn. He died from injuries sustained when his ship was bombed. in 1969. My sister Temperance Lyons was in the Army 1975. My name is Vivian Alice Shaw (born Lyons). So many of our military families do not get the recognition they deserve.


    1. Hello Vivian! Thank you for visiting my post! I am also a grand daughter of Col. James Lyon. My birth name was Lyons and my father was from VIrginia and served in WWII. When I get through researching the Burch family (my latest project), I plan to work on the Lyons lineage including Col. James Lyon. I will be blogging about them when I get that far! Anyway, we must be cousins so I am happy to hear from you! If I can help you out in any way, just ask! Marilyn


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